Vacanze in Puglia

( Ostuni Brindisi Puglia Italia )

We are a specialized real estate agency in the sale of trulli masseria apulia farms apartments and other real properties sites in Ostuni and in the Salento lowland in Apulia

We also rent houses vacations and villas to the seaside, in the countryside and in the historical center of Ostuni Alberobello Lecce
Otranto Gallipoli holidays in agriturismo hotels bed and breakfast

 FOR SALE                       in TOWN                          FOR RENT
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RIF. BB 2040

Apartment for sale in Ostuni the White City knows for its houses typical of Mediterranean architecture holidays in Apulia

RIF. BB 2041

house for sale
in Apulia about 300 meters from the historical centre of White City from Ostuni near Brindisi


Melina apartment for rent is a holidays house near historical centre Cittą Bianca in Sea Lecce Taranto Bari Gargano Peschici

rentals villa Grazia with swim pool for holiday in Puglia near Ostuni Monopoli
b&b Brindisi masserie Lecce trulli Alberobello

RIF. BB 2005

you can buy villas with swimming about 500 meters from Ostuni
in Puglia between Lecce Otranto and the trulli of Alberobello

RIF. BB 2006

apartments for sale in historical center of Ostuni near Valle d'Itria Cisternino Martina Franca Ceglie Messapica
house Beba for rental in historical centre It is a typical apartment for vacations in Apulia Italy between Lecce e Gargano

Assunta apartments for rent it is a holidays house Ostuni
in relax Lecce masserie trulli Cisternino bed and breakfast Gargano

 FOR SALE                        to the SEA                           FOR RENT

RIF. BB 2007

villa for sale near Adriatic Sea in residence in marina of Ostuni
in Brindisi masserias Taranto hotel Bari agriturismo Lecce
RIF. BB 2027

villa for buy in marina di Ostuni it is 50 meters from Adriatic Sea
 near Villanova between Gargano Bari Salento Lecce
Villa Sogno for your holidays in Italy famous for Tuscany Sicily
Sardinia Naples Florence Venice and Puglia where we are

Villa delle Palme for rentals in Apulia near the Adriatic Sea
in Ostuni holiday farms Gargano bed and breakfast Peschici
RIF. BB 2013

House for sale near the sea to Ostuni Apulia in Otranto
Gallipoli Monopoli Brindisi Peschici Vieste Manfredonia
RIF. BB 2036

villas for sale in residence near Mare Adriatico between Gargano
Mattinata Peschici Salento Otranto PortoCesareo
Villa Santa Lucia for rent in holidays residence
with swim pool for vacation Apulia Italy between Gargano and Salento

rental Villa Angela for vacations in a village near the Sea in Apulia

between Lecce Otranto Gallipoli Gargano Vieste Mattinata

       FOR SALE              in COUNTRYSIDE                       FOR RENT    

RIF. BB 2045

houses for sale in countryside of Ostuni
Apulia in Itria Valley Cisternino Martina Franca trulli (conical apartments) Alberobello
RIF. BB 2003

lodgings for sale in
Apulia there is a villa and trulli in countryside with land Ostuni Valle d'Itria
Villa degli Ulivi with swim pool for Italy holidays in Tuscany Sicily
Sardinia Naples Florence Venice and Apulia where we are

holiday in Villa Afrodite between Martina Franca B&B Cisternino
masserias Ostuni hotel Ceglie Messapica agriturismo in Apulia

    FOR SALE                     the TRULLI                          FOR RENT    

RIF. BB 2001

Trullo in countryside in Ostuni Puglia in Itria Valley for holidays in Italia
RIF. BB 2038

trullo for sale with two rural built near Ostuni in Ceglie Messapica
Cisternino Locorotondo trulli Alberobello
rent Trulli Laura with swim pool for vacations Apulia in Ostuni
Martina Franca farms holidays Cisternino bed and breakfast

La Trullarella has three holidays homes with Trulli Lamia
and a small trullo between Ceglie Messapica Ostuni Cisternino
RIF. BB 2039

trulli for buy in valle d'itria with land near Ceglie Messapica
in Martina Franca Ostuni Cisternino Alberobello
RIF. BB 2042

trulli for sale with land place of Cisternino in Valle d' Itria
near Ostuni Martina Franca Ceglie Messapica trullo Locorotondo
rental Trullo Gerani in Cisternino countryside a vacations in Italy
Tuscany Liguria Sicily Sardinia
Venice and Apulia where we are

Casedda Paco for rental Ostuni near Apulia farm Lecce
agritourist Gargano San Giovanni Rotondo Castel del Monte b&b

Some of our structures, we advise you to have a look on website ,
where you will find all the information you need and many other special offers

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